Parent Satisfaction Survey

This years survey comprised 19 questions such as "staff at the centre make me feel welcome", "the centre responds quickly to my concerns and is responsive to feedback" and "my child enjoys going to this centre"

Families were given a multiple choice answer option (1) Strongly disagree (2) Disagree (3) Neither agree or disagree (4) Agree (5) Strongly Agree. The overall average reply was between (4) Agree (5) Strongly Agree which made us feel very proud of the preschool education we are providing. We also identified a couple of areas that need minor attention and this helps us stop problems getting bigger and to make sure we are giving our families and tamariki the best possible experience and education at Tawa Montessori Preschool

Parent quotes about "the best thing about our preschool"....
"The potential opportunities for the kids to learn gardening/environmental awareness, physical independence and concrete learning all at once"
"Very appreciative of all the amount of sign language that the children are being exposed to - fantastic work! Great to have NZ's 3 official languages being used in the centre"
"The child has their own individual learning plan and respect shown to them by the teachers"
"The teachers and staff are always approachable and any concerns/suggestions are always welcome. All the teachers have individual connection with the child one way or the other which is really a beautiful thing"

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