Taking responsibility, being respectful, showing compassion and taking care are heart-centred qualities the child unfolds in partnership with nature.


Early childhood is the optimum time to start fostering children’s experience development. Our special enviro-nature character plays a very important role at our preschool as it offers opportunities for authentic multi-sensory experiences which are crucial for a child’s healthy development.

At our preschool children can explore outdoor nooks and crannies with many opportunities for new discoveries and unfolding miracles. Natural resources cater for natural patterns of play; with them the children create their own activities and are the conductor of their own play. Our environment is a place where our children can create happy and joyful childhood memories that will last a lifetime.


The natural world is full of sights, sounds, smells and invites children to follow their curiosity, to explore and to connect with their senses.

The animals and plants, the natural elements and the natural materials available in our natural environment give children plenty of opportunities to have real life, authentic experiences.

The natural world is rich and dynamic and provides many opportunities for the children to explore freely, increasing their confidence, emotional competence, physical and social development.

Animals and Plants

Our outdoor environment is the cornerstone of our programme at Tawa Montessori Preschool. Maria Montessori advocated that the whole environment should be cared for by the children of the house. Care plays an important role in the prepared environment. It is through care our children learn respect and compassion for all living things, including themselves.

Cultivating relationships between children and animals is an important part of our programme. Through giving children plenty of opportunities to care for our animals they develop a deep respect and compassion for all our living things. Animals in our environment offer the children authentic experiences of observing, caring for and even mourning the loss of feathered, furry and scaled friends.