Welcoming enrolment applications for 2025

Is your child turning 3 in 2025?

Each year we have approximately 12-13 vacancies which can be pre-allocated many months in advance. Registering your interest at least 6 months before your child turns 3 usually results in enrolment positions being available.

Our preschool team have enjoyed creating the great reputation and quality programme that we present every day. Each day we have the same children and teachers in attendance which creates a calm and consistent environment for your child to engage in, explore, develop and enjoy.

To register your interest and to receive our information anf fee package please email admin@tawamontessori.co.nz

Testimonials from recent and current families
"Our son has been at Tawa Montessori for 8 months, and the positive growth we've seen in his development is amazing. The parents take little credit for this when he is fulltime , 5 days per week with the caring, attentive, and hard working teachers and staff. The environment is warm, and open , feeling more like a lovely home with a nice backyard , trees, a vege garden, chickens, and other animals providing much valuable learning experiences. A tight knit, welcoming and friendly community of kids, parents and staff have made our transition to a new suburb, and new daycare for our little one very rewarding. We can't recommend Tawa Montessori highly enough"

"My sons have truly loved their time at Tawa Montessori. The teaching staff, management and Montessori programme that is delivered equip the kids with such a range of skills and experiences. We felt that the kids are more settled and ready to learn and are able to manage themselves more independently once starting school. The ‘practical life’ and ‘care for living things’ were particular highlights for us. The communication has also been excellent and we were impressed by how all the COVID changes and lockdowns were dealt with. Thank you for keeping that feeling of community and belonging through those challenging times. Tawa Montessori has provided a rich, holistic learning programme for my kids as well as so many of their cousins and relatives who have been lucky enough to spend their preschool years here. We can’t speak highly enough about this wonderful Montessori and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone" 

To register interest or to receive more information please email to: admin@tawamontessori.co.nz

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